Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Proud Right Whale Mom Arpreggio, And Her Calf Still Cruising Florida's Coast Line!

The now famous Northern Right Whale fondly called Arpeggio and her calf are still hanging out near St. Augustine and Matanzas Inlet.

Friday, December 28th was a beautiful day, and apparently there were a lot of boats out taking advantage of the weather near St. Augustine Inlet. When the mother and calf appeared one boater began to follow dangerously close to them.

Because these whales are endangered
, all boats are required to stay at least 500 yds away from the whales. (Boat strikes are a major threat to these incredible creatures)

The folks from The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission were able to intervene and keep our famous pair safe. Once the whales had enough excitement in the St. Augustine Inlet they swam off towards Vilano Beach to spend the night.

Saturday, December 29th
, The Marineland Right Whale Project received two whale sighting calls. Both sightings were for whales spotted south of the St. Augustine Pier. Joy and gang along with the Florida Wildlife Research Institutes's Right Whale staff found our pair near Anastasia State Park. The group was concerned that the whales would go back into the inlet (Saturday was even nicer then Friday) but they stayed south of the inlet this time.

Joy's email mentions that on occasion Arpeggio would roll over on her back and once they saw the calf's head on mama's chest. That had to have been an amazing sight to see.

Steve and I should have got on the bike
and headed north on A1A Saturday, our high was 85ยบ. Instead we stayed close to home. Maybe I'll take a ride up that way this coming weekend and see what I can find.

Remember, if you spot a whale off shore,
Please call The Marineland Right Whale Project at
You can find contact info for Joy Hammp or Jim Hain

Also, if you are in a boat, it is illegal to come within 500 yds of Northern Right Whales.

Whale photo is of a juvenile Northern Right Whale I took in 2006


Mel said...

While on vacation last week in Florida I was quite blessed with seeing this pair of whales just south of Daytona. I finally got a chance to sit down at the computer to look up what kind of whale it was. I didn't realize that they are so rare and that they normally swim so close to the shore. I thought there was something wrong with them but thank goodness that is normal for them to be swimming in the surf. I hope they make it down to their winter hangout.

Lysa Napolitano said...

Hi Mel!

Blessed is the perfect word to use when describing what you saw! Actually the Daytona area is the Right Whales hang out for the winter, they are our other snow bird. I hope I get to see some next weekend! Thanks for checking in! Maybe I'll have some new pics from 2008 next week, keep your fingers crossed!

Moni said...

I think those whales are so majestic Lysa. I've gone on a few whale watches but I've never been lucky enough to see on up close.

Jay Merton said...

Magnificent creatures!

Anonymous said...

I've not been lucky enough to see a whale up close. It must be quite the experience!

Please forgive my absence on your new blog. I've been meaning to make it over here but life has been hectic (good hectic). Your blog is beautiful! I hope to visit more often.

Here's to a glorious new year to you and yours Lysa!

Lysa Napolitano said...

Moni, I went on a whale watch when I was in Maine in 06 and got to see a humpback named Breakers up close, he was awesome! We went out of Bar Harbor. I'm going back one day! It was incredible! No Right Whales were in the area that day though. Its so different seeing them close to shore as opposed to an hour and a half out at sea.

Lysa Napolitano said...

Jay, yes they are!

Lysa Napolitano said...

Maggie, I totally understand, I've been there myself lately! Look how long it took me to comment back to all of you! :(

Thanks so much for stopping by, I need to get by your place as well. I'm glad you are so busy, we've picked up as well, who says Real Estate is slow?

Happy New Year my friend!