Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palm Coast Red Knights 9/11 Memorial Run Slide Show

Last year I brought you photos of a 9/11 Memorial I attended in Palm Coast that was sponsored by the Palm Coast Red Knights Chapter 11. It was incredible! 400 bikes, a beautiful service, and a picture perfect day who could ask for more?

Getting to do again!

Over the past year I was fortunate to get to know the people who are from Chapter 11 of the Red Knights through other charity events, I asked if they were doing the 9/11 Memorial Ride again? When I was told yes, I was elated. I told their president Joe Vece that I would like to photograph it for them.

We figured out the best spot along their 87 mile route for me to shoot them as they go by, however I didn't know how they were going to arrive there.

One week before the Memorial/Ride I emailed them and within minutes I received a map and directions and the next day a phone call with directions. We were all set!

Steve and I arrived at Heroes Memorial Park at about 9:10 AM and there were already double the bikes, and they were arriving at a steady pace, filling the park up quickly.

The service opened with again the presentation of colors, the American Flag being brought to Half Mast.

The Ancient City Pipes & Drums was next, they played Amazing Grace so beautifully, words can't describe to you how it made me feel. Next year I'll do video.

We then had a local minister or pastor (and I do apologize for not getting his title correct) give a short but very meaningful service followed by one of his church members and local National Guard member singing God Bless The USA.

Taps was then played by a member of the Palm Coast Red Knights to finish our 30 minute Memorial Service. We were then briefed by one of the Flagler County Sheriffs Motorcycle and it was bikers to your bikes!

Let me show you what I mean, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

9-11 Memorial Run ~ Sponsored By The Palm Coast Red Knights

Last year I attended the Red Knights 9/11 Memorial Run For The Fallen Hero's and what an experience it was. (Click the link to see the photos and read about it.)

A lot has happened in the past year and I have gotten to know members of the Palm Coast Red Knights while attending charity events around the area, what a super group of people!

These firefighters on bikes, active and retired do so much for folks in our area, you have no idea! They attend charity events for folks with cancer, folks who lost their homes to fires, they were huge supporters of our Annual Bikes And Blues With Mickey Jones benefiting St. Jude Children's Hospital, just to name a few.

Once a year The Red Knights organize a beautiful service for those we lost on 9/11/01 held at Hero's Memorial Park in Palm Coast, FL. The service is like non I've ever attended.

Following the service there is a 85 mile Police Escorted ride through out our beautiful area. It leaves Hero's Memorial Park and heads north to St. John's County, then south back through Flagler County, touches a bit on Volusia County and this year will end at the White Eagle Lounge in Korona.

The ride is going to be this Sunday, 9/7/08.

Sign up begins at 9:00 AM @ Hero's Memorial Park on Palm Coast Parkway
The Service will start at 10:00 AM