Sunday, January 27, 2008

Death Of Right Whale Calf A Mystery For Now

Sometimes, I hate when I am right. The dead right whale calf that washed up in Ormond By The Sea on Friday night was a male. So far, that is all I am right about though.

Researchers do know that the calf was not killed by a ship strike or by entanglement. First they will try to determine if the calf was alive when it was born. If he was alive then they will need to find out why he died.

The researchers are very concerned about "toxic algae" which was mentioned in today's News Journal. I'm not sure if that is the same as Red Tide as that is a algae bloom too that is toxic to our smaller fish.

You can read more on this story in today's Daytona Beach News Journal story here

Remember, if you spot a whale off shore,
Please call The Marineland Right Whale Project at
You can find contact info for Joy Hammp or Jim Hain here

Also, if you are in a boat, it is illegal to come within
500 yds of Northern Right Whales.

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